Saturday, March 6, 2010

Richelle Turns 4

Richelle turns 4 last Wednesday, March 3,2010. We don't really have plans for her birthday so we consulted it to the celebrant on what she wants. And what she said is she wants to go to the mountain and to play on the snow. My husbands Aunt's and Uncle were here at the time so at least we have company not just us. We had so much fun and for a change and i could say it is a great idea. We just bought cake for her and some foods, i didn't prepare anything which is great :). Well one thing is my visitor watched what they were eating and they don't eat much and my husband and i don't want to end up eating what is left. Well we had so much fun sledding and having a party picnic at Prescott for a whole day and have a nice outdoor visit cause we stopped at Yarnell on the way home, there is a nice park that we liked over there. The next day the celebration is not over yet, we went to the Red Lobster for Richelle's birthday dinner. She is very friendly to the waitress, i think they get along pretty good. I a m so proud of her.. Her Aunt bought her a 2 brain quest booklet and she is doing great on it. Her Aunt says that she passed with flaying colors and that is for 4-5 toddlers.She said that Richelle is ready for 1st grade(her Aunt is a retired Elementary Teacher). I know i didn't teach her some of it. She learned it from the PBS kids on her computer and on TV.I could say that i recommend it to all the kids and it's a pretty good baby sitter hehe. She's gonna start pre-school next year well see, i know she's going to love it.

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